How To Apply Blush

BlushSelect a blush based on the color your skin turns when you pinch your cheeks. Choose a creamy one for all skin types except those prone to acne- then a powder version works best.

Apply a thin coat of oil-free foundation (oil breaks down cheek color, making it rub off) to even out skin.

If using powder blush, keep it from getting tacky by dusting the face with a loose powder.

To apply cream or gel formulas, smile and dab blush on the apples of the cheeks. Pat color upward and outward, pressing it gently on the skin with fingertips.

When applying a powder blush, swirl it on in circular motions with a medium sized brush.

Choose a highlighting cream that contains fine shimmer particles. Those using a powder blush should select a highlighting powder- otherwise, the combination will be sticky and streaky.

Pat the highlighter sparingly along the tops of the cheekbones, where the light would hit.

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