Taking Care Of Your Hair After a Perm

A lot of women experiment with their hair. One of which that they are interested in doing—but very cautious about it—is having a perm. Although it creates fabulous curls and a completely new look, taking care of it though is quite tricky. Here are some expert advices on making your perm as perfect as you walk out of the salon.

Use compatible shampoos and conditioners – Washing your hair on a perm requires products specially formulated for permed hair. Using aggressive shampoos or scrubbing can cause your hair to relax, while using a conditioner for the wrong hair type may over or under condition your hair.

Carefully towel your hair – Do not wrap in a towel turban when you get out of the shower with wet hair. The added friction can knot and damage vulnerable wet hair. Instead, carefully blot hair dry.

Do not towel your hair when wet – Use a wide-toothed comb once your hair is toweled-dry, working the tangles out as you move from the end towards the scalp.

Use a diffuser when blow drying – For more curly styles, continue to use the diffuser throughout the styling. For more relaxed styles, remove the diffuser and blow dry at finish.

Use extreme care when styling – Avoid aggressively manipulating your hair. When you use styling appliances, use thermal protectant for maximum protection.

Mist with a perm rejuvenator – This product adds essential moisture, shine, and manageability while helping to define the curl.

Add lift when perm grows out – As your curly hair grows, spray a volumizing product or apply gel at the roots and blow dry at the scalp to create an added lift.

Make an appointment for a trim – It’s important to get your hair trimmed or shaped every five to six weeks to remove the ends. Regular trimming will also extend the life of your perm and make it easier for you to style.

Perm your outgrowth – Just because you still have perm in your hair doesn’t mean you can’t have another perm. Having a perm that is specially-formulated for previously permed hair can give you even more manageable, silky, and soft curls.

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