Taking Care of Your Dry Hair

hair treatmentDry hair is caused by heat, an open cuticle, chemical applied in to hair, and poor maintenance. We have gathered some great tips on how to turn your hair from dry and boring to alive and fabulous!

Blow dry with less or no heat – Use a cooler setting when blow drying. Do not blow dry your hair until completely dry. Leave some amount of moisture to it.

Use acidifiers – Applying acidifiers closes the hair cuticle down and lock in the moisture. Their pH content range from 2.5 to 3.5, lower than your hair does.

Avoid too much styling – Colors, perms, relaxers, and other chemicals are sometimes a necessary evil. These rob the hair of humectants that attract and retain moisture in the hair’s cortical layer. When coloring your hair use low-ammonia, low-peroxide color. Do not leave neutralizer on too long with perms. Avoid relaxers is possible.

Treat your hair well – Replace lost humectants with essential fatty acids (EFA). You can also acidify your hair using low-pH products. Wash your hair with cool water. Also, eat a diet full of essential fatty acids (just make sure that it is in moderation and with no cholesterol).

Apply a good moisturizing shampoo – Use shampoo brands with a low pH. This lifts the cuticle allowing moisture to evaporate.

Use hair repair treatments – Your scalp produces sebum. This is the hairs’ natural source of lipid or essential fatty acids (EFA). If your hair grows past the neck line, the hair makes no or little contact with the scalp. Heat from curling irons, rollers, and blow dryers will only makes your hair depleted of EFA. One way to develop more EFA is orally taking ½ teaspoon of safflower oil every day or you can take Omega-3 supplements.

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