Prom Hair Styles: Looking Your Best For Prom Night

The prom is a special time in life for older teens. Girls like you will attend this dance night with their high school sweetheart or perhaps they wait anxiously to be asked by the guy they like. It is the night when you get all dressed-up, replacing jeans and sweatshirts to a dress or even a gown. 

To attain this, you need the right dress and the right prom hair style. To create a glamorous look that everyone will envy, one that make you feel and look like a million dollars, consider the following tips.

Ponytails – They are perfect when it comes to prom hair styles. A lot of great hair creations can be made just by starting with a ponytail.

Soft spikes –Put your hair up in a high ponytail and then pull a few strands out that create a soft yet spiky look. Work your hair using wax-based product or some good heavy-duty hairspray so that the small strands stick out in a neat manner. Then, use a beaded ponytail holder to make you hair look fabulous.

Hair knots – Make a ponytail and separate it into two sections. Then, twist each of the sections of hair into random knots. These knots are then pinned to the back of your head using hairpins or short sticks. For that sassier look, pull a few strands and then spritz them into space with hairspray.

Crisscrossing – Put your hair into a ponytail that is started at the midsection of your head. Use a ribbon that matches your dress to your hair in a crisscross effect. With a lot of experimentation, you can actually come up with some very elegant designs.

Gem it up – With a single ponytail, you can use a number of gemmed clasps or pins to make it appear as though it is separated down into multiple strands. The look is actually quite chic and unique.

Bounce and shine – Use large size rollers to create curl and bounce. Spritz some shine spray on your hair so the ponytail glistens. You can also use spray glitter.

Flower power – Real or silk flowers are always a great way to enhance a hairstyle. You can weave it into a braid or place it behind your ear, adding that feminine touch.

Extensions – If you have short hair but want something completely different, you could treat yourself to some extensions. Since these are temporary, extensions can be worn for several weeks after the prom or you can take them out yourself.

Hair stencils – They are now a very popular solution. With stencils, you can create a very formal look or choose something trendier and funky. These designs are created in the hair with temporary paint or glitter. It works best with short hair although you can do it on all lengths. 

Just place a stencil on a selected area, then spritz some hair color spray or glitter spray over the pattern and you’ve got a unique look no one else has.

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