Men's Fashion Mistakes to Avoid

Summer time is the season when people go out more often. But most of the time men wear the worst fashion pieces imaginable, and women get annoyed at it. While wearing white socks or having pants that are too short are obvious fashion no-nos, here are other little aspects every man should pay attention to when dressing up for the summer.

Jean Shorts

Attractive young men would suddenly become unappealing when wearing these. Cut-off jeans are simply out of style and unattractive no matter what other clothing it is combined with. 

The sight of long fringes hanging on a man’s hairy legs is not an ideal picture. In other words, men should never wear them-ever.

Instead, replace these hideous jean shorts with slick Khaki shorts or relaxed cotton shorts. Another suggestion men can use are shorts made from synthetic fibers, with many different types of patterns and fabric available to suit every different style. 

Or if you are outgoing and willing to try something unique, try Capri-styled pants for men. They are the "in" thing for the summer.

Socks in sandals

Sandals are designed to be worn without socks and it’s simple as that. They are made so that the feet can breathe easily, so that the wearer can enjoy the warm, summer weather.

If men are so keen on wearing socks, they should wear sneakers or boat shoes with low-cut socks instead.

Tank tops

Spaghetti-strap tank tops are usually seen at the beach or at the gym.  Wearing these show off the men’s nipples and armpits. Besides, it resembles a cheap piece of cloth hanging on two strings. 

However, regular tank tops, those that expose only the shoulders and arms, can be extremely stylish when worn properly.

Biking shorts

Wearing these, along with spaghetti-strap tank tops, are only justifiable if one is riding on a bicycle. Otherwise, biking shorts are unattractive and a definite turn-off to most women. 

In other words, they aren’t made for the gym, the beach, or even walking along the neighborhood. Besides, it shows off the bump of the male organ for everybody to see.

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