Men's Fall Fashion Trends 2006

Fall is here and it’s probably the favorite season to shop. Remember, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg in order to look fabulous and fashionable. Instead, try following these simple reminders.

Blazers – This season is all about the blazer. Even a single stylish jacket is a great upgrade to your closet. You can pair it with flat front pants, slacks, or even jeans. Choose from tweed, corduroy, and moleskin. Opt for neutral colors so that you can wear it with just about anything. 

Sweaters – They are far and wide this season, ranging from turtlenecks, mock to V-necks. Turtlenecks are sophisticated and dressy enough to wear to the office. The mock neck, which is a third as high as a turtleneck, can be worn under a suit for those chiller days. And the V-neck can be put on over a button-down shirt with its collar exposed. The patterns can vary from stripes, cable knit or ribbed, while merino wool, cashmere or mohair are the best fabrics if you find wearing wool to be itchy (although it can be more pricey). You can also find cotton sweaters, which are comfortable and easier to care for.

Button-down shirts – They are still around in top form, but a new style of pullover is made of flannel, fleece, or felted wool. They are available in regular knits and can be found in a zip-up style, a zipper collar, or a hood. These shirts can be found in dressy styles, as well as more casual ones.

Dressy pants – Like sweaters, many pants being sold in stores are made of wool, or for a more casual pair of pants, felted wool. You can still wear pants with bungee cords at the bottom of each leg you used last summer for a purely casual look. However, cargo pants are on a trend decline once fall sets in.

Jeans – They are the ultimate in casual wear. If you want to look stylish this fall, go for denim. This fabric has made a tremendous comeback in fashion trends. Choose vintage, washed-out denim to keep you in style.

Color – White is considered a summer color, so instead choose stylish hues for fall like red, burnt orange, maroon, purple, and khaki green. These colors can be worn under black, gray, and navy suits. 

Mix and match – You don’t have to renew your whole wardrobe every season in order to be fashionable. The trick is to keep some of your old clothes and revamp them with the new clothes of this season. In that way, you’ll still be making use of your older clothes, while sprucing them up with new pieces and looking as stylish as ever.

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