How To Use a Flat Iron

straight hairGetting that smooth, sleek look out of your Straightening Iron is a joy for a lot of girls. Whatever iron you use—ceramic, metal, thermal, or ionic—your hair is prone to damage with over use and inappropriate use. Here are amazing tips to help you and your flat iron work side-by-side without damaging your hair.

Keep your flat iron clean – Make sure your iron is free from dust, grease from styling products, and loose hairs. This will make your handy iron last longer and do less damage to your hair.

Practice – Try using your flat iron on your hair days before you head out on any major event. It’s very easy to use it once you get the knack of it.

Comb and section – Using a comb, section out a part of your hair that you want to iron first. Run the comb through so that the iron would glide down easily once you run it through the hair. Remember to use small sections of hair in each ironing application to make your hair flatter and have that lighter feeling.

Concentrate on the ironing – Try avoiding using any hair products until you are finished straightening out your hair.

Iron with even pressure – Stroke your flat iron from the root to the end without stopping on any part of the sectioned hair.

Use a wide-bristle brush – This is much helpful in ironing your hair than a boar-bristle brush or comb.

Use a lightweight serum – Smooth leftover frizz with a little amount of lightweight hair serum.

Let you iron cool before storing – After using the iron, let it cool completely before cleaning it with a dry cloth.

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