How To Take Care of Your Colored Hair

blond hairColor-treated hair has special need and good care is essential for any hair type. It is best to follow these profession suggestions to keep your hair looking fab!

Wet your hair before going to a pool – Before dipping yourself in a chlorinated pool, wet your hair with bottled spring water to dilute the harsh chemicals that will dry your hair and even fade its hair color.

Be careful in the sun – Use hats, scarves, or products with sunscreens to help protect against color fade and the drying effects of the sun. If going to the beach, leave-on conditioners are great sunscreens against color fade.

Shampoo your colored hair gently – Use shampoos that are specially-created for color-treated hair. Rough shampooing can strip color and dry out your hair.

Condition your hair regularly – Use an intensive conditioner to restore vital moisture and luster to color-treat hair. You can even use color-enhancing conditioners that make your hair color grow out and help blend root areas.

Dry your hair gently – Do not wrap your hair in a towel when your get out of the shower. The added friction can knot and damage your vulnerable wet hair. Carefully blot your hair dry instead.

Do not brush hair when wet – Hair is at your most vulnerable when wet. Use a wide-toothed comb instead of a hairbrush, working tangles as you move from the ends toward the scalp.

Do not over dry your hair – When blow drying, you should dry the hair until it is almost dry, but make sure to leave some amount of moisture in to prevent static.

Use care when styling – Use thermal protectant for maximum protection when using styling appliances.

Use the right hair products – Put some hairspray or spritz with moisturizers and sunscreens to finish the hair, providing continual protect throughout the day.

Do not lighten your hair – What you thought of giving more color by spraying lightening agents or putting lemon juice on hair is not a good idea. These merely bleach your hair and could cause your hair to dry out.

Support your style with a perm – Just because you have color-treated hair doesn’t mean you can’t have a perm. In fact a perm specially formulate for color-treated hair can add wonderful body, fullness, and texture to complement your color.

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