How to Store Jewelry

jewelry boxAs precious as jewelries are, they also deserve the precious way of storage. Lack of care in storing your jewelry would cause it to lose its luster and even its value. Here are some tips that you should try.

Diamonds – Remember to store diamond jewelry separately to prevent them from scratching other diamonds, softer gems, or gold.

Pearls – Pearls need air to retain their beauty. That is why it is advisable not to store them in plastic. Instead, place it in a satin-lined box or chamois bag, or wrap it in a piece of tissue. For greater luster, wear the pearls frequently so that natural skin oils can be absorbed, but keep in mind to wear them after you’re done with make-up, hairspray, or perfume. Remember never to keep the pearls in a purse or jewelry box where they can be scratched.

Opals – Keep opals wherever humidity is highest because they contain a lot of water and are prone to drying out. Also, this semi-precious stone needs air to retain its beauty, so never store it in plastic.

Emeralds, rubies, and sapphires – Store them separately. These gems may scratch softer jewelry, such as pearls and gold. Also, avoid having them get in contact with saltwater, chlorine, solvents, and alcohol, which will erode their finish and polish. Have emeralds oiled by a jeweler every year to maintain its beauty.

Separate everything – Aside from the fact that it avoids having gemstones scratch each other, storing jewelries separately prevents these precious possessions from tangling. If you do not want to invest in a jewelry box, consider organizer boxes, sock boxes, tackle boxes, or even ice cube trays.

Keep beaded item flat – Anything threaded on silk, cotton, and even nylon can stretch. Pearls, lapis, and other beaded necklaces need to be stored flat so that the threading will not stretch. If you have many beaded necklaces, you can buy jewelry rolls.

Store metal necklaces on a hanger – This is for convenience as it keeps your necklaces from tangling. It makes finding a necklace very easy.

Ring holders work – If you are prone to lose rings, ring holders could solve your problem. They make your rings easy to find.

Tarnish resistant cloths for silver – If you aren’t fond of polishing silver, tarnish-resistant cloths help. However, if you aren’t fond of these, maybe you should consider sunshine cloths as they help remove the tarnish easily.

Avoid sunlight – Many gemstones like amethyst, aquamarine, and rose quartz fade in sunlight. Also, opal tends to shrink when exposed to the sun. So make sure to keep such stones in away from direct sunlight.

Avoid excessive heat or moisture – Storing jewelry on the car’s dashboard, by the heater in your sunroom, or greenhouse is not recommended. Extreme temperatures may damage some gemstones and metals.

Consider a secured jewelry box – Having a lock and key (or a combination lock) to your jewelry box can help with safe keeping.

Carry your jewelry with you when traveling – Bringing along your jewels in a hand-carry case is safer when traveling, as luggage tend to get lost. Remember that bringing large amounts of jewelry is not recommended.

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