How to Remove Stains

berriesParty hostesses say that it isn’t a party until something gets spilled. When that happens, do not panic. Stains may be difficult at first, but with a little know-how any party stain is beatable.

Barbecue sauce stain – To remove barbecue sauce from white napkins, stir ¼ cup dishwashing detergent and ¼ cup bleach in two quarts cold water. Add the stained napkins and let it sit for about two hours. Rinse and put it on the washing machine, using a cold water rinse.

Berry stain – Stretch the stained area of fabric over a bowl and secure with a rubber band. Hold a kettle of boiling water about one foot over the bowl. Pour a steady stream of water right on the stain. The combination of heat and pressure removes the stain easily.

Ketchup stain – Rub the ketchup stain with a stain stick, then rub the stain between your fingers and launder as usual.

Gravy, butter, or salad dressing – In case any of these three happened to your napkin or tablecloth, do not rub the stain. Start treating the stain by sponging the dry fabric with a citrus cleaner. Blot it until the stain disappears.

Mustard stain – Apply a few drops of glycerin to the stain and rub it between two fingers. The glycerin should loosen the stain. Rinse with water and launder as usual. Glycerin soap also works well.

Red wine stain – Rinse the stain in warm water or with club soda. Soak the stained fabric in a solution of two tablespoons laundry borax and two cups of warm water. Let it set, then launder as usual.

Lipstick stain – Lipstick on napkins can be removed by sponging with denatured alcohol and then liquid dishwashing soap. Launder as usual.

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