How to Plan a Bachelor Party

bachelor partyYour friend is about to get married and you want to provide him with a right of passage as he kiss his single life goodbye. Unlike what most people would imagine, a bachelor party is not about hiring hookers for the groom-to-be to have sex with. It is about having fun and making it an unforgettable night for the groom. Organizing a bachelor party is traditionally the responsibility of the best man. Here are some tips to plan on your friend’s bachelor party.

Set it weeks ahead of the wedding day – Do not ever organize a bachelor party a day before the wedding. Remember that the groom has to be sober on that day. Two to three weeks is okay. A month before the wedding day is better.

Never let the bride participate in anything – In fact, do not let the bride—or even the female relatives—know that you are planning a bachelor party. But if the bride is persistent, let her choose the date, venue, and invite list.

Invite close male friends and relatives – Anyone who is invited to the bachelor party should be on the guest list for the wedding. Don’t forget to include the future father in-law.

Decide on the venue – Traditionally, the venue should not be known to the bride. Would you want to see her knocking on the door? The party can either be at the best man’s (or any of the guests’) house or at a local strip club.

Estimate costs ahead of time – Budget for a bachelor party includes beer, party food, cover charges (in case you are going to strip clubs), the cost of hiring strippers or lesbian pairs, and even cab rides. Also, plan to serve some non-alcoholic beverages for those who don’t drink alcohol (although this happens rarely). You can either finance the party by yourself, or have all participants of the party pay their part of the bill.

Assign designated drivers – Make sure everyone gets home safely if people will be drinking at the event.

Choose your activity – It is definitely not advisable to hire a hooker, especially if you’re offering her to the groom-to-be. After all, he may not be the first that night, not even in the first ten, plus the risk of venereal diseases. Instead, decide on whether or not to hire strippers or lesbian pairs, gamble, do drinking games, or watch porn.

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