How To Choose The Right Hair Brush

hair brushDo you know that people usually use the wrong type of hair brush for them? Most of the damage done to hair is when it’s wet, and detangling it with a steel comb makes it a lot worse damage. Here are the right types of brush for the right type of hair.

For wet hair – Comb wet hair using a big tooth comb and detangle your hair from end to root. Try not to touch the root at all.

For short hair – A Paddington brush with soft protective bristles is best as you shape and blow dry your hair.

For medium length straight hair – Use a paddle brush with soft protective bristles to help you comb out and blow dry your hair with ease.

For medium length wavy hair – Use extra large round brush to blow out the kinks and curls.

For long hair past the shoulders – Use a thick, loose-toothed brush or a big round ceramic brush to help you blow dry your long straight hair. Flip the ends out if you want to be a little sassy with the same brush, creating two different looks.

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