Add Shine to Your Hair

shiny hairShiny, non-greasy hair simple means healthy hair. That is why it is best to make your hair not only full with body, but shining with life. Here are great suggestions and solutions to give you hair that sparkle it deserves.

Use heat-activated shampoo – After washing your hair with heat-activated shampoo, and towel drying it, blow dry your hair to stimulate the shampoos shine-inducing agents.

Deep condition at least weekly – Visit your local hair salon or beauty shop weekly to have your hair treated with deep condition such as hot oil.

Too many styling products dull the hair – Coating your hair with layers of products will only do just that, covering your hair’s natural luster.

Shine tips for fine hair – Look for a shampoo that has wheat proteins and polymers as ingredients. These coat the hair shaft and make your hair appear thicker. Also, learn to use spray volumizers. They are light enough to deposit a light mist of shine on your hair without wilting it.

Shine tips for normal hair – Use a shampoo that has silk amino acids and lecithin. The former adds softness and repair hair structure while the latter restores hair texture. Gels and creams will add shine without the weight. Just pour a small amount of product on your palm, rub your hands together and then lightly pat over your head.

Shine tips for thick and coarse hair – The best shine enhancers for this type of hair are old-fashioned pomades. These not only deliver shine, but moisturize the hair as well.

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