Henna Tattoos – A New Way to Decorate Your Body

henna tattooThe tattoo business is thriving. This craft of permanent skin art has gathered quite a huge audience. More and more people come to tattoo parlors and make their skins their canvass, letting the needle prick their skin with ink.

Chalking it up to indecisiveness, there are people who got tattoos and regretted it. Oftentimes, no matter how much they hate that mark on their skin, they just leave it there or cover it up. Having it removed is already out of the question because it is more expensive than having the tattoo in the first place.

Much thanks for the resourcefulness of people, there is now a new trend taking the place of tattooing: henna tattooing. Henna tattoos have been the alternative for most people who wish to get a tattoo for only a particular period of time. It is temporary and (believe it or not) needle-free.

According to Wikipedia.com, henna is a flowering plant, commonly used as a temporary color that wears off on its own. The dye is extracted from its leaves. They would first grind it until it becomes powder and then mix it with strong coffee or tea, lemon juice or acidic liquid and/or essential oils to bring out the dye. Mix well and voila! Tattoo away.

Henna is often used for the hair as it gives off that black coat. However, you might be cautious is going for this alternative because not everyone seem to be compatible with this homemade product. Allergic reactions and worse, even permanent tissue damage can be caused by this vanity product once mixed with the wrong chemicals.

Henna only covers the dead cells of the thickest skin on your body, usually found in the hands or foot. It wears off on its own, fading from that top layer. Having a henna tattoo allows you to be that ultra cool chick or dude during spring break and back to being the honor student when you get back.

So if you’re an art lover that dreams of flaunting skin art on a temporary basis, get a henna tattoo. Safe, temporary and painless.

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